Obama, Libya, oil

This morning’s quiz: Read the following phrase and fill in the country and date it was written. America’s interest in Country X is motivated by oil…” Who was president at the time? See the linked article for the answers.

Speaking of Libya and the “rebels” – if that’s not the sorriest bunch of doofuses we’ve ever seen. Check out the photos. The “fighters” – sorry we have to put all nouns relating to these people in quotes since we don’t view them as qualifying for those descriptions – all seem to be partying, not fighting. The “news” photos all seem to be staged. They are the sloppiest, most unserious, alleged warriors ever pictured.

We remember about 10 years ago seeing a news picture of a Chechen rebel walking down a road. His head was down, he was carrying an AK-47 and wearing the traditional attire of the region -an ankle-length robe, his posture and facial expression was tense and determined. This is a real fighter. And the Chechen really fought.

Putin climbed to his current position on the war in Chechnya – about as bogus a war as you can imagine, but the U.S. backed him and his propaganda. Now we have even more Muslims hating us, because – once again – we backed the wrong side.

IFO has no love for Col. Ghadafi. She won’t soon forget Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, but this US-NATO-German-French adventure in Libya looks mighty suspicious and coordinated. The “rebels” look like a mere convenience – a handy excuse to go in there.

Is this truly, as more than one wag has already commented, “Bush’s third term?”


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