Where’s Waldo? Obama goes to ground

Pres. B.H. Obama, who is apparently tired of copying former Pres. G.W. Bush, has apparently decided to copy Hillary Clinton’s failed bus tour in 1994 and Sarah Palin’s current sporadic bus jaunts, known as the One Nation bus tour.

And no, the ladies in the photo above are not those political women, but isn’t this a great shot?

Obama’s taking a bus tour to the hinterlands. To places, as the radio said this morning, “that no one has ever heard of,” or “fly-speck towns,” as the NYTimes puts it.

Places where people don’t pay attention to political polls and S&P downgrades and, presumably, all that other depressing stuff we’ve been hearing.

Well, we have a message for you, dear media people. Out here in the rural areas, we’ve heard of all of that and more.

Just yesterday we were in Yamhill, OR (pop. 855) to visit a flea market. Three old geezers sitting outside in the sun engaged us in an intense discussion of the coming special election to replace U.S. Congr. Rep. David Wu, the direction of the stock market and gold prices. They all have email.

Once again, Washington and the NYT and WaPo are sadly out of touch with our backroads areas. The Internet savvy here would stun them. If they do come out here, they won’t hear what our residents are saying, since not only their minds, but their ears are stopped up.

BTW, has a Rural Organizing Project arrived in your area? We’ve had one for quite some time, according to this laudatory article on the StreetRoots blog.

Here’s an excerpt: “After years with ACORN, and later creating a rural women’s crisis network, Westerling founded the Rural Organizing Project, or ROP, taking her brand of grassroots organizing and turning it into a galvanizing force among pro-democracy groups operating in small towns across Oregon.”


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