Choice and competition works!

We don’t have School Choice in any meaningful way yet, but thanks to Pres. G. W. Bush, we have it in prescription drug insurance coverage under Medicare.

And guess what? According to a blog post in Forbes, it’s working. That’s not to say we approve of the benefit, but still, premiums for 2012 will be LOWER, repeat LOWER, than last year. As author Avik Roy says:

With all the teeth-gnashing about the inexorable rise of health costs, when have you ever heard about a health care program whose costs go down? Where are the celebratory articles from health wonks, pointing out that we may have found a way to bring the explosive growth of health spending under control? There’s a reason you haven’t seen those articles: because Part D proves wrong the progressive conventional wisdom, that rising costs is a Rubik’s Cube that only boards of government-appointed experts can solve.

Great post – we highly recommend it.


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