Are Tea Party supporters (like) hobbits?

[This image came from the following excellent website: A Time for Choosing.]

After a big two-day furor over the use of the term ‘hobbits’ to describe Tea Party adherents in the U.S. House, we’re going to take a break from our economic commentary to clear some things up.

First. Hey, Sen. McCain and WSJ! STFU! You are clueless. To be fair, we think the WSJ was using the hobbit image to indicate that the little critters weren’t real and neither were the demands of the Congressional Tea Party Caucus. We do not agree.

Second. Christian Science Monitor – nice try, but like the WSJ, you wouldn’t recognize a Tea Party person, whether elected official or just active citizen, if you ran into him/her on the street.

Author Robert Marquand understands hobbits totally – probably because he is writing from the U.K., where hobbit-types abound. IFO, too, is a scholar of all things Tolkien, and she pretty much agrees with his description of the brave little guys.

But for those who have never attended a meeting or a town hall with Tea Party types, let us explain to you who they are. Yes, they are upset about the direction the U.S. government has taken. They were and still are scared about the huge debts, including the Bush bailouts, that were being run up long before the issues exploded on the nightly news.

Most are older people, few under 50 years old. Most are male, but many have equally vocal and active wives. Minorities in the movement equally alarmed. They all have a wonderful, warm sense of humor. Kind of like hobbits.

They are much more fun to be around than the Liberals, Progressives, hard Left Democrats, or whatever they call themselves these days, we have met in person. This latter group is humorless and are full of a free-floating, internalized anger and envy that seems to twist their faces into unfamiliar shapes.

So, the CS has missed the boat on the Tea Party people. We think Mr. Marquand has never met them in person and is taking his cues from media portrayals that totally distort the reality. Dems have done a pretty good job of distortion as well.

If you don’t believe this, attend the next 9-12 meeting, or go to an Americans for Prosperity get-together. Oh, heck, go to a precinct committee meeting of your local Republican party. They’ll give you a friendly welcome, if you are genuine and honest with them.


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