Public radio on pregnancy and obesity

It’s no wonder we rarely listen to public radio. We just heard a news broadcast this morning that made our blood run cold.

First up was an item on pregnancy, a treatable and preventable illness, to hear them talk about it. Planned Parenthood is in a battle with pro-life people over whether to require private insurance to pay full price for all birth control prescriptions. The always-necessary victim (needed to put a face on the problem) had a job and an employed husband and two children, but darn it! there just came a time when they couldn’t afford the $25 co-pays! So, she conceived and bore another child. What a tragedy!

Next was a discussion of yet another treatable and preventable illness – obesity. The comments on this segment should make your skin crawl. Since the sickness of obesity is  linked to various expensive diseases and poverty, authorities are talking about putting obese children into foster care! The foster parents would presumably know how to make the little victims eat and exercise.

Can a new Eugenics experiment be far behind? The idea comes to us as a result of our seeing the movie, “alleged” (the “a” is not capitalized) at FreedomFest during their Libertarian film festival. See this film! With an all-star cast and a great script that deals with big issues and corrects the record of the famous “Scopes monkey trial,” the movie is doomed to gain film critics’ condemnation.

Leave it to public radio to run these scary items back to back in one broadcast. One or the other could be ignored, but both together give us an early glimpse of how Obamacare is going to develop. Insurance companies will say (rightly) that they can’t afford to cover that stuff, and the Liberals will say, “See, we told you the federal government has to take over!”

Notice that neither pregnancy nor obesity run afoul of Big Pharma or Big Tobacco, but do call for Liberals’ favorite pastime – social engineering. BTW, has anyone noticed that the eeevills of tobacco have fallen off the radar screens of the media? Every once in a while a Legislature will enact a new restriction on smokers, but that’s about it. Have the states become addicted to tobacco tax revenues?


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