They prey on their own

This news about DSK allegedly attacking and attempting to rape a young Frenchwoman back in 2002, is raising its ugly head again after a brief respite. She has said her mother, who talked her out of pressing charges at the time, was “a regional councilor in Strauss-Kahn’s Socialist party.”

This poignant story rings true to IFO. Neil Goldschmidt, a much-admired and powerful Oregon politician, had a similar, but much darker, history. He, too, was brought down when the press finally did their job and reported on it. In this case, the abused female was a young girl, 14, at the beginning of the abuse.

But the item that sticks in IFO’s mind is this [the newspaper used the pseudonym Susan for the name of the victim: “Goldschmidt surrounded himself with the best and the brightest aides–including, for a time, Susan’s mother.”

Does that not make you sick? This could be the place for a long diatribe on the abnormal proclivities of liberals, but this happens on the other side as well.

Years ago, IFO read a book published in 1978 entitled “God Knows I Won’t Be Fat Again!” The author told the story of how she lost almost 200 pounds, going from 340 lbs to 140 lbs, after a heroic effort to improve her self-esteem. Her father was a pastor and she, and many of her peers were in the Christian entertainment world.

What caught IFO’s eye was that it was someone in her church ‘family’ who abused her. The only link for these three cases is that all the men were in public life in one way or another.

It’s hard to think of how evil some people are. It’s hard to recognize that sometimes that evil is within us. It’s hard to think that, as parents, we may not have been as attentive to our children as we should have been. To the best of our knowledge nothing like that has happened to any of our own children, but that is only by the grace of G-d.


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