Libya v. Goldman Sachs = War? Gadhafi must go?

Haven’t you wondered why the US and EuroLand suddenly decided they were mad at Col. Ghadafi? There’s Ms. Clinton declaiming solemnly and angrily, “Gadhafi must go.”

Well, IFO wondered, too, until she read this weekend’s expose of a very complex financial deal run by Goldman Sachs Group: “Goldman’s Paperwork Flub.”

Here is how it starts: “Goldman Sachs Group Inc. had no standard contracts in place to protect itself when it made $1.3 billion in options trades for Libya’s sovereign-wealth fund controlled by Col. Moammar Gadhafi, according to people familiar with the situation.”

Frankly, options stories, especially currency options, make our eyes glaze over. But it appears that the people blaming GS for everything wrong with the financial system may have a point. But is this a reason to go to war?

Even if we pretend it is NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization – a post-War II group of Europeans set up to DEFEND THEMSELVES from a possible Communist USSR attack that’s really doing it. We know France is involved somehow.

Just remember that old adage: War is the Health of the State. That means war makes the State strong and the private economy, except for arms makers, weak.


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