Is Huntsman doing a Winkelried for Romney?

All this talk about Jon Huntsman, former governor of Utah, is getting lots of MSM ink and soundbites. We just did a post about this not too long ago. Is the Winkelried maneuver happening again? This time to pick up spears for Romney?

[Twinkle: will Sarah Palin pop up again tomorrow and “step on the toes” of a Huntsman announcement? Totally by accident, of course.]

Since it’s Monday grouch time, we have a few other political observations.

* The current Democrat talking point is to say Republicans sound “as if they are on another planet.” We just heard it this weekend, when the mayor of LA kept retreating to that “another planet” phrase whenever he ran out of facts. Now, we hear it on the radio this morning.

* Trying to bring down the increasingly popular Rick Perry, in his third term as Texas governor, opponents carp that he is from Texas (duh!) and hence too much like Pres. George Bush. That’s to get around the fact that Texas has a low unemployment rate and rapid economic growth, while the rest of the country (except North Dakota) is still in the doldrums.

* All this Republican presidential candidate activity is funny. The MSM has to cover it including answering their charges that Obama’s administration is incompetent or worse, at the expense promoting that administration. Just as the talking points against one candidate get up and running, a new, unknown candidate pops up.

There are tons of competent Republican governors just waiting in the wings. The anti-Repubs will have to assemple dossiers against every cool Republican in every state in the union. Heh, heh, heh


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