Real life example: penny stock pitch

Remember that post a week ago we mentioned penny stocks? Today, IFO brings you a real live pitch. See what you think of it. [all names removed to protect IFO and the purveyors of the publication.]

Note that one of the XXXs is the name of a well-known DJIA index stock. That name is used liberally throughout this email message, giving an air of legitimacy. You won’t have heard of the other two companies. See the next post for the latest SEC filing by this “hot” company. Hint: they just fired their accountants.

“XXX announced that it had agreed to buy XXX Biotechnology for about
$1 billion, or $43 a share in cash…”


Dear Friend:

When XXX handed the lucky shareholders of XXX Biotechnology, a billion dollars in cash, Wall Street was stunned.

How could a recently started, little-known company with just 26 employees, virtually no sales and losing money command such an earth-shattering price? Here’s why…

XXX had a better idea.

It’s that simple. They were pioneers in developing a small molecule treatment for prostate cancer that turned the medical world upside-down. And XXX knew it.

XXX Biotechnology had developed a better way of helping to save lives. THAT’S WHY IT WAS WORTH $1 BILLION DOLLARS IN CASH to XXX. Many early investors walked away as multi-millionaires.

Without a Single Doubt, XXX Medical, Inc. (XXXX) Has a Tremendously Better Idea: It Increases the Power of the Drug Bleomycin 1,728 Times So It Can Kill Cancer Cells Instantly

XXX Medical, Inc. (XXXX) has developed a new way of stopping cancer cells using a small field of electricity that makes the cancer cell absorb Bleomycin, a potent cancer killer. Healthy cells are left unharmed! It’s a breakthrough in treating devastating cancers of the neck, head and skin without resorting to painful and risky surgery that’s now standard.


The ability to wipe out deadly cancer cells…Drastically, if not completely eliminating scarring and disfigurement… Surgery that took two hours can now take 15 minutes with this new technique…It costs up to 67% less…Healthy cells are saved, sick ones are destroyed.
These 4 spectacular benefits alone make XXXX Medical, Inc.(XXXX) at $1.50 a share a spectacular takeover candidate like XXXX Biotechnology that was purchased at $43 a share! I believe that XXXX Medical could attract a $59 a share bid

Acquisition In the Biotech Field Are Going Through the Roof.
“We Expect This Trend to Continue. Small Biotech Companies
Are Game for Such Deals,” Says XXXX Markets

XXXX Markets then says, “Companies have been looking towards biotech companies to build their product portfolios. Prime examples include XXX’s acquisition of XXXX Biotechnology, Inc.” Precisely. I’m predicting that this can happen to XXXX Medical, Inc. (XXXX).

Do yourself a favor. Call your discount broker now and secure some of XXXX Medical’s stock before the word gets out. I’m predicting that this breakthrough will sweep the Internet.

YOUR TIMING IS KEY: Wall Street Looks for Stocks Like
XXXX Medical, Inc. (XXXX) because They Know the
Profit Potential Is Absolutely Astronomical

Don’t wait – the two most important words that can be said about this undervalued gem. At $1.50 it is a screaming steal considering how bright its future is. Come join us!


About InvestingforOne

I've been investing in various assets by myself using a discount broker for many years. Over that time, I've developed some theories that others might find useful. Plus, there is more to investing than money. Time, talent, work, friends, family all go into developing a good and satisfactory strategy.
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