Politics and economics intersect: Israel, Russia

Not sure what this means, but the AP is reporting that a Russian fugitive to Israel has bought a big stake in Ha’aretz, an Israeli newspaper. That’s interesting enough, but the Russian, who fled to Israel in 2003m is a partner and co-founder of huge Russian oil company Yukos. Russian dictator Pootin put the other partner, Mikail Khodorkovsky, in prison. Pootin is making good and sure he stays there, too. What MK did to make Pootin so mad was to get into politics.

We’ve held forth on the Russians and our disdain for people who do business with them in an earlier post, when we wrote:

IFO is very nervous about American companies trafficking with Russia and Russian companies. The latest move is particularly troubling. Pepsico Inc has bought a Russian dairy products company. Doesn’t the name Khodorkovsky ring any bells with their executives?

Do the Pepsico executives remember the battle BP endured until the leader of their Russian operations was forced out in favor of an all-Russian executive team?

Yes, it’s all over the news today,  (here’s just one story from the WaPo) though we suspect you won’t see it on TV, or hear discussions on the tv and radio talk shows. Just a guess. Sorry, if we’re wrong.

It also makes us nervous when Russians get involved with Israel, even if the Russian is described as a fugitive. What real fugitives get to keep all their money when they flee a dictatorship?


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