Food fears fanned – E. coli in Europe

The noble cucumber - Oregon style Restoring honor to the noble cucumber!  (picture from IFO’s garden)

With several deaths and thousands sickened, this is no laughing matter. The scientists are tracing a trail no longer hot. Now, the heat’s on them to come up with an answer and the offending food is no longer around. But we found an article that showed the funny side to this tragedy.

The outbreak of the E. coli infections centered in Hamburg, Germany, took place almost a month ago. If, as scientists suspect, the offending food was fresh salad vegetables, those veggies are gone now. Much has been pulled off the market, but the rest would have been sold or destroyed. That stuff has a very short shelf life.

The panic has moved from the ag world to the bureaucratic world of the European Union. Having convinced most of the people in Europe that the EU would put them on a par with the US, since the geographic area and population size would be closer to ours, they now find that their regulatory structure is strangling them.

After 30-some years of “integration,” Europe is not economically integrated. All they have to show for the pain of the creation of the Euro is a humongous bureaucratic overhang.

Here’s an article from Voice of America, no less, that shows the bureaucrats’ dilemma, but also contains the funniest scene I’ve encountered in months! Picture this:

Dalli told the European Parliament that scientists are still trying to pinpoint the outbreak’s source.  He said that after officials jumped to conclusions about Spanish cucumbers, they should not do the same with German bean sprouts. …snip…

After Dalli spoke, a Spanish delegate to the European Parliament waved a cucumber during his own speech, saying “We need to restore the honor of this vegetable.

Note: no need to panic if you have your own garden and prepare your own food. Just sayin’


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