Obama Mideast speech: epic FAIL

After getting a standing ovation at the U.S. State Department, Obama must have been surprised at the aftermath of his speech. Mike Huckabee said it best: “[paraphrasing] Like the Mideast itself, the speech was full of soothing talk about peace that ended with a big bomb.”

IFO’s friend, Daisy, has been an Obama supporter and loves Israel. She was shocked to learn that Obama had called for a return to Israel’s 1967 borders. As IFO railed against The O, calling him arrogant and stupid, rather than the empty suit and puppet she had originally considered him, Daisy argued, “He’s not stupid! He has a law degree from Harvard! And he worked so hard for the poor in Chicago.”

“Ted Kennedy had a degree from Harvard,” we replied, ” and he couldn’t even pronounce ‘library.’ And O’s work for the poor in Chicago was simply to obtain funds for his political pals. Studies have shown that “the poor” get very little of the money that is ostensibly awarded to them.”

We had Daisy at “liberry.” The former grade school teacher abhors this mispronunciation. She had to admit that a degree from that school was not a guarantee of intelligence. And she agreed that many students got into the school on the basis of who they knew, not what they knew.

But, back to the Mideast speech. For readers who are too young to remember 1967 and the Six Day War, when all of Israel’s surrounding neighbors began to attack, we recommend reading some history. Amazon has a nice selection of books, movies and tapes.

Suffice to say, Israel must have its current borders in order to protect its existing population – both Israeli Jews and Arabs. You did know that there is a substantial Arab population in Israel? And that there is Arab representation in the country’s parliament, known as the Knesset? Does anyone know how many Egyptian, Syrian, Libyan, Jordanian, Lebanese Jews live in those countries? How many Jews have been elected to the parliaments of those countries?{{{crickets}}}

Finally, here is a look at the story of Israel: “The story of the Jewish civilization and the State of Israel is one of continuous innovation, of meeting current challenges while remaining both forward-thinking and true to the past.”

Israel is our best and strongest friend in that region. We must not abandon this country, this people and this civilization.


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