Boeing v. NLRB

In all the recent foreign policy and military excitement, we’ve been neglecting the big political news: Boeing v. the National Labor Relations Board.

A bureaucrat working for the highly-politicized NLRB has just “ruled” that Boeing can’t build a factory in South Carolina. Hard to believe – we know. Didn’t we all think that Socialism/Fascism was so over in the US? Guess not.

Here’s the Seattle Times take on the news: Boeing to fight NLRB complaint on 787 South Carolina plant . The comments are fun – big debates for and against unions, including side trips to Wal-Mart bashing.

Then there’s this: Federal Government Attacks on Boeing Fuel Our National Economic Suicide This is one of the first essays from a new column by Gary Shapiro for Forbes.

Of course, we don’t like the big subsidy the State of South Carolina has given Boeing. That’s a dangerous road to travel, as many states have already discovered. But that’s a post for another time.


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