The killing of bin Laden

While some people are asking questions about details of the raid, IFO thinks no one should have been surprised that Pres. Obama okayed the killing of bin Laden. He ordered that instead of the alternatives: capture or blow to smithereens.

Remember, Obama did okay the killing of the Somali pirates who had captured a merchant ship captain.

Not sure what this means about future foreign policy. It looks like the President doesn’t like anybody very much. He’s snubbed the British, ridiculed the French, ignored the Germans, and positively detests Israeli government officials.

He does seem to have a soft spot in his heart for leftist dictators, Communists, and most Arab states and, uh, groups.

Another random thought: what’s up with this “Pockeestawn?” The President and some of his admirers are trying out this pronuniciation, though many don’t get it quite right. Pockistan. Packistawn.

Foreigners sound really cool – their As are sort of a blend of the “Pock” and the “Pack” that sounds cool. Americans just sound awkward. Guess this proves Obama really is an American – he sounds both awkward AND phony.

Some broadcasters are going with the “ah” as in “saw” sound, while others are stubbornly sticking with the “a” as in “has” sound. Why IFO prefers writing.

The Obamites may be unconsciously copying the English, who vary the pronunciations of the As in Afghanistan. Of course, they get three tries here. Is that nine variations? No wonder they are confused.

Our second thought on hearing about the killing of bin Laden was, “Does this mean we can do away with the airport gropings?” Guess not, though. Many people seem to be used to it now. They really thought this government activity protected them from harm. Kind of cargo-cult like thinking. Or perhaps it’s a form of Stockholm Syndrome.

Another thought: In the aftermath of the tragedy of the Two Towers, IFO did several stories on people who left cities and moved to the country. Not as a direct result of the building collapses or because of fear, they said, but because they no longer enjoyed the atmosphere of the city.

Now that bin Laden is gone, will they come back? Will this revive some sick cities? Let’s hope so.


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