Poll-tested ticket: Paris Hilton/Donald Trump

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Paris Hilton Campaign Ad

We’re already commented on the alleged popularity of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate. Quick summary: ridiculous.

Paris Hilton – not so much. She’s a successful businesswoman who has overcome the drawbacks of being a. an airhead from California; b. heiress; c. partygirl; to create her own fashion design house. Besides, she has experience – she’s already run for President in 2008.

We believe that Trump’s position in the polls is a sign that Americans are getting tired of the never-ending political campaigns to which they are being subjected. Making it worse is the mail ballot, that comes into your home with the bills and junk mail – advertising circulars for the local pizza palace or sandwich shop.

So, many people pick the most well-known or ridiculous name on the list that pollsters read to them.

This is akin to the many, many write-in votes for Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Myself, My Neighbor, etc. A good topic for academic study would be to count the number of these “joke” write-in votes over time, maybe call it the “Cynicism Index.”

In times past, voting was considered a sacred duty by home-grown Americans; a sacred privilege by new citizens. The decades-long assault on our trust in the election process has led to this silliness.


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