Humor in the news

Every once in a while, we like to kick back and relax and find humor in the news. These are stories reported as straight news, as if the reporters were unaware of the ridiculousness of some of the alleged facts.

For example, two males were charged with firing bullets into a couple of houses in a sleepy little Oregon town. By the time the police identified the alleged shooters, one of them was already in jail on another charge.

He asked to use the phone at the jail to call – his lawyer? – no, his girl friend. Why? Let’s let the newspaper tell the story in their own words: The shooter “allegedly used a jail phone to ask girlfriend [identity suppressed] to hide the gun used in the shootings…”


Next one: Alert sheep foil freezing fugitives. Some rural residents were warned by sheriff’s deputies that two fugitives were hiding out in their area and told to stay inside. And guess what?

When two sheep they keep both turned their heads in the same direction, reacting to a strange sight or sound, [the property owner] knew something was amiss.

“It was kind of funny,” he said. “We’ve got a black sheep and a white sheep, and they’re better than any watchdog because they don’t bark. I saw them looking down toward my shop, and I knew they were hearing something.” To no one’s surprise, the sheep were alerting on the pair of fugitives…”

IFO thinks we have the makings of a fine piece of fiction – “The Sheep That Didn’t Bark.” Oh, wait. Something like that’s been done already.

That title and phrase has now gone into the English language, thanks to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It came up again just yesterday. The article relates to a complex insurance regulatory matter:

The reinsurer Willis Re, in a review of QIS5, looks at whether this positive result masks underlying issues. The Willis Re report is titled, “Beware the Dog that Didn’t Bark – Is the European Insurance Industry Really Ready for Solvency II?”

Isn’t that funny?


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