Obama at Geo. Washington University

Alert readers will notice that IFO has become sharper and less tolerant recently. That is because she is re-reading Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” in preparation for the movie which she’ll be seeing in Portland on April 15!

We’re excited about the movie, but losing patience with stuff we used to skip. For example, an ad for George Washington University in today’s Wall Street Journal. After you read the ad below, you won’t be surprised at the formless faces featured on the business school site.

Ad copy: “Come to the proving ground. Where social responsibility meets shareholder expectations. Welcome to the World Executive MBA. This rigorous and fully integrated 16-month program is focused on leadership, global and local environments, and the mastery of key business functions. You will have your own leadership coach, benefit from two domestic and two international residencies, take on a business challenge unique to your organization, and choose your own electives.”

Think this is just PR cr*p? The school isn’t really like that? From the website: “Student Voices: Carina Reeves and Sebany Minutana, Master of Tourism Administration students, …” Hooray for the new, elite servant class – trained to satisfy the needs and desires of the political ruling class.

But don’t worry. This is Pres. Obama’s favorite speaking venue. So it must be important. Why he was just there today, outlining his “vision” on how to increase taxation in our ailing economy.

Compare these two videos. (No, the first is NOT a clip from the movie)


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