Okay, readers, time to chime in

This morning IFO got the shock of her life, when an otherwise lovely lady described her vision of utopia as embodying the notion of: “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

It may be hard for you all to believe, but IFO was speechless.

Can any of you offer a concise, polite, incisive rebuttal to this Marxist s**t?

It’s so hard for IFO to stay polite when she is enraged beyond measure. She’s hoping you all will be able to help her out before she passes out from either hyperventilation or holding her breath until she turns blue. She considered remaining silent in keeping with her vow not to do anything political, but believes this idea is a constantly reappearing snake that needs to have its head cut off every time it shows up again.

Wikipedia tells us, [paraphrased] that although Marx is popularly thought of as the originator of the phrase, the slogan was common to the socialist movement and he actually stole it from Louis Blanc in 1840, who in turn had stolen it from the utopian socialist Henri de Saint Simon, who may have stolen it from the French communist Morelly, who proposed something like it in his 1755 Code of Nature “Sacred and Fundamental Laws.

And even though those guys were atheistic socialists, Wikipedia goes on to show how early Christians had a similar social model.


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