Bitter clingers – Oregon politicos and “climate change”

Yes, we have to put “climate change” in quotes these days, as Oregon enters new climate territory – the coldest winter and early spring on record, according to weather people here, while Oregon politicians continue to cling to their position that we must, simply MUST reduce emissions to stop “climate change.”

That’s the new phrase for what used to be called “global warming.” When the numbers – both past and current – allegedly showing such warming began to unravel, the “warmists” had to change their tune, as predicted by the late, lamented genius, Michael Crichton.

Before you ask, we answer, YES, they are serious. Facts don’t matter and they actually seem to think that humans can freeze (you should pardon the expression) the climate and stop it from changing. Now, no one has explained yet what that means exactly. Does it mean we are aiming for SoCal or Hawaiian steady daytime temperatures of 70º to 80º? Or have they defined an annual temperature range that we must come within?

The Portland Tribune notes that a coming meeting will address these concerns. State greenhouse gas goals could increase driving costs – Friday summit to explore possible actions to reduce climate change

The takeaway sentence in the piece is this: “The rules are intended to help meet the state goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 75 percent below 1990 levels by 2050.” Forty years! We’ve got 40 years to achieve the impossible. In the meantime, most the the suggested rules will, surprise!, increase revenues to the state and local governments. Note: there is no proven link between longterm climate and “greenhouse gases,” but no matter, the bitter clingers forge on ahead with their regulatory straightjackets.

It’s clear that what is happening is a continuation of Oregon’s hatred of cars and their drivers. For an explanation of what this means, see IFO’s next post on U.S. Census Bureau numbers.


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One Response to Bitter clingers – Oregon politicos and “climate change”

  1. Michael Morrison says:

    As I have tried to point out to “climate change” hysterics, Mars’ temperature has also increased, and the only vehicle on that planet is not a Sport Utility Vehicle.

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