Cuba = Egypt, Libya, Syria, Tunis….

Although it’s fun to listen to the talk show guys twist themselves into knots trying to figure out how to deal with the uprisings in Northern Africa and the Middle East and how the U.S. should deal with them, if at all, we’re disappointed that none of them seems to have gone to the heart of the matter.

Most of them seem to be trying to finding ways to bash Pres. Obama, but that’s hard since his left-leaning (and more principled and consistent) supporters are ALREADY bashing him for all of his stands on the matter, but most especially his decision to jump in support of the alleged UN desire to institute a no-fly zone over Libya.

The talk show guys are also having a hard time identifying and defining who the Bad Guy(s) are and what makes them bad. The old Commie v. non-Commie meme is no longer  working. The radical Muslim v. transparent, secular regime meme has fallen apart.

The only consistent theme IFO has seen running through Administration policies and changes is: if a side appears to be anti-American (anti-Israel), we support it. Oops. They’re not anti-American? Then, we don’t support them.

Rebels? They must be good. They are just normal citizens, yearning for democracy.

Does this remind anyone of the days just before Castro came to power in Cuba? No? You weren’t born then? Too bad. Neither were we, but we know our history of 1945-1955.

Here’s the deal: Leftist American intellectuals presented Castro as just an agrarian reformer. Kind of like those heroic Chinese led by the innocent peasants and their poetic, perhaps even intellectual, leader, Chairman Mao, calling for, yep, agrarian reform.

What did agrarian reform mean? Take land away from the original, eeeevvvviilll  landowners and give it to the pooooorrrrr landless people (Communist Party) to farm collectively, just like the great Soviet Union, never mind the millions of peasants who died during the terrible collectivization process.

Ahhh. Now we see where politics intersects directly with economics, private property, and political and economic freedom.

The new “rebels” don’t appear to care about land ownership. Just political power, command and control of the people… and probably oil. But as long as they are anti-American, our current administration apparently will support them.


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