Rajat Gupta and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

IFO promised additional information on Rajat Gupta and his relationship to the B&MGF. Let’s begin with a devastating post by WSJ’s Evan Newmark:The Disgrace of Rajat Gupta

Next, here are snippets of info from B&MGF website on foundation advisory panels:

## Responsibilities
* Serve one three-year term
* Participate in two panel meetings a year
* Provide input on program strategies
* Be available periodically to give counsel to program presidents
Each panel chair works with the program president to set meeting agendas, preside over meetings, and summarize discussions for our CEO and trustees. [Rajat Gupta chairs the Global Development Program Advisory Panel.]

## Compensation
* In recognition of the time and effort required, each panel member is offered an honorarium of $4,000 for each meeting, a figure based on guidelines for U.S. federal government advisory panels. (The panel chair is offered $5,000 in recognition of greater time commitment.)

## Also
* Panel members must abide by confidentiality and insider-trading agreements with the foundation

How long do you think Rajat Gupta will stay on the B&MGF Global Development Advisory Panel??? It’s hard to tell when he was appointed to this position, but it appears to be maybe about three years ago. Bet the administrators of the foundation have hauled out their records to see when they can “accept with regret Mr. Gupta’s decision to step down at the end of his term,” which just happens to be RIGHT NOW!!!

## Next, details on the Global Development Program Advisory Panel

Our Global Development Program advisory panel is comprised of a group of esteemed experts from outside of the foundation who offer a wide range of experiences and perspectives. This panel plays an important role in strengthening our work by offering independent assessments of our strategies and helping us evaluate results.

Rajat Gupta (Chair) – Rajat Kumar Gupta is the former managing director of McKinsey & Company worldwide. Gupta has directed a number of projects aimed at helping companies develop new product/market strategies and reorganize for improved effectiveness and operations capabilities. He has a broad range of consulting experience with a variety of industries, including telecommunications, energy, and consumer goods. Gupta is chairman of the board of the Indian School of Business and was recently nominated co-chairman of the United Nations Association of the USA. He also served as the United Nations Secretary-General’s special advisor on UN Reform, and serves as chairman of the board of the Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.

## Rajat Gupta is also on dozens of other boards: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rajat_Gupta

## N.B. There’s another Gupta associated with the Global Development Program, but as far as we can tell she has no relationship to Rajat Gupta.


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