Wisconsin shows experience needed

Good intentions can only go so far. Inexperienced political people should start at the bottom – run for and get on a school board, city council, maybe county commission. Learn the ropes – all of them. Learn how the bureaucrats handle and manipulate elected officials.

Then, run for ‘higher’ office. We put that in quotes because in our opinion no higher office exists than the one that is the closest to the people. The farther away you get, the less you remember about what it was like to be on the outside looking in. The longer you are in office the more likely you are to represent the employees in your district than the taxpayers.

And if you are in a volunteer position, as most city council and school board positions are, unless you do lots and lots of homework, you’ll just skate through the meetings with your brain turned off.

All this is a preamble to my thoughts on the huge success we have seen in Wisconsin. Whatever you might think about the legislation the Republicans passed and the governor signed, it is important to note that they had experience and knowledge of the legislative process, they had a specific plan, and they followed through.

They followed through in the face of immense pressure – both physical and psychological. IFO is awed by their courage.

We had a Republican candidate for governor in Oregon last November. A very nice guy. Good name recognition. No negatives. No experience. He convincingly spoke the soundbites he had learned. He had absolutely no clue about what he would do when he got into office. He had never been elected to any public office and had never been appointed to any government position.

Republicans gained back many legislative offices in Oregon last year, but did not get a majority in either house. Even if we had had majorities in both houses, though, IFO seriously doubts whether that very nice man could have shepherded any decent legislation through and if passed whether he could have put it into action.

Please, no more inexperienced politicians running for office as Republicans! It’s not hard for Dems. They just do what they are told. They only need one or two experienced guys in their legislatures to do whatever the unions want them to do.


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