Why can’t we write like the British?

Here’s some ripping good polemical writing IFO stumbled upon while looking up a news story sent to her by a friend this weekend. From a March 6, 2011 column in the UK Telegraph we read:

There is nothing ‘smart’ about rationing electricity by James Delingpole.

How’s this for a blockbuster Dickensian sentence???

[snips] We have been taught to view all our great historical achievements through a filter of post-colonial guilt; we have learned the weasel art of cultural relativism where, in their own special way, cultures that practise female circumcision and bury homosexuals under walls are just as vibrant, valid and meaningful as the one that gave us Michelangelo, penicillin and the splitting of the atom; we’ve been persuaded that elitism and authority are undesirable; we’ve bought heavily into the fashionable meme that mankind is a cancer on the earth and that the proper thing to do is abandon progress, destroy our economies, limit population growth and try to recapture an agrarian idyll which of course never existed except in the imaginations of pastoral poets and the Prince of Wales.

We don’t know what “we” he is referring to, but that’s such great writing, who cares?

Highly recommend you read the entire piece, especially if you think “it can’t happen here.”


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